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What did we learn today?

--Auburn makes tasty sausage victory out of nasty bits of football scraps.

--Tennessee can't run in the SEC, or against the Big Ten.

--JoePa likes it up in the booth, especially since he can watch old episodes of Barnaby Jones and enjoy a nice glass of scotch during the game without everyone getting all tightassed on him.

--Arkansas has not changed a bit at all in any way--for the worse.

--Wisconsin hasn't either--for the better.

--The Big Ten doesn't suck at all, but playing football without a quarterback does.

--Do not play West Virginia in a bowl game. You will lose in aorta-damaging fashion and shave three years off your life in the process.

--Chan Gailey owes Calvin Johnson millions.

--Phil Fulmer, wallowing in his sorrows, was just shot with a harpoon gun as he attempted to wash his cares away with a swim just off Clearwater Beach.

We're watching the Rose Bowl sans blogging. See you Tuesday.

Bravo, Penn State, to your fans and to that half-assed craft project you call a mascot.