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When did FSU begin this long, slow, and sad descent into mediocrity? Who cares? It really doesn't matter, as long as it's dead, right?

For historical purposes, we think the long slide to tonight's Emerald Bowl loss (positive thinking positive thinking positive thinking) began long, long ago with the Oklahoma/Florida State game in 2001's Orange Bowl. Richt left. Amato was gone. Jeff Bowden would soon take Chris Rix to hell, along with the whole formerly juketastic Florida State offense, and leaving a blinded Bobby to act out a sad little redneck Shakespeare until the denouement this year--Jeff Bowden's resignation and cashout, where he'll wipe the tears away with Seminole booster money until the year 2012, when his annual payout will finally end, and he will have to find honest work as a barista somewhere.

Flash back with us, and remind yourself that once a badass, always a badass, as is very much the case with Roy Williams here.