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Apologies for nearly non-existent posting today: work and more work swamped us completely, and we're just now seeing pinpoints of light in the darkness. We'll have the following up tomorrow:

--Coaches' bonuses you may not have known about.

--Our Joekickass (p)Review of the Las Vegas Bowl.

In the meantime, please accept the only thing we'll get right on the site this week: our Mustache of the Day. In the holiday spirit, we present the author of our favorite Christmas album of all time, one of those "that guys" who you'll recognize the instant he opens his mouth.

The Mustache of the Day: Leon Redbone.

His version of "Frosty the Snowman" features Dr. John, which means your BAC will bump up a few tenths just listening to it. Heavy machinery operation prohibited after viewing.

ps. You probably remember him more from the theme to Mr. Belvedere.