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The Subcommandante might have to cancel his evening of lovin' humpin' with Jenn Sterger (only 600 dollars, dude!!!) if Time Warner doesn't pick up the Big Ten Channel as part of their package in the big O, hombres. No way Mom's shelling out for that, which means selling my WoW loot to watch the Buckeyes. Either that or selling my blood again.

It doesn't hurt, though. Bleeding for love never does, though bleeding for lunch or a new spoiler for the Grand Am doesn't, either. At least I hope they have some awesome shows. Like it would be awesome if they just had a whole show of [NAME REDACTED] waterskiing. You know, just a camera on him. He'd be popping tricks and flexing for ten minutes, but here's the cool part: every time he fell, they'd show the words YOU SUCK!!! in huge letters.

The Subcommandante would totally sell a little bit of his life punch for that show on tap.

The Big Ten Network better have this show.