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MichiganZone is accusing Florida of selling out by replacing the "Celebrating 100 Years of Football" patch Florida's worn all season with a Tostito's patch. We couldn't agree more, since Florida was so much better when they weren't all corporate and shit and were all indied up and doing their own thing, man.

The Vegas line should have moved up three points with the very appearance of the word "Tostitos" in association with Florida, since the last time Florida played in a Tostitos-sponsored bowl VERY BAD THINGS ARRRGGHHAAAHHsllggghhh (slobbering at keyboard, twitching, revived with paddles and injection of adrenaline)...where were we?

Nurse! Crash cart! NOW!

Anyway, two Buckeye notes, since we're going to be playing them sometime in the near future.

First, the Heisman Trophy represents a clear and present danger to our country. Airport security told me so, so it must be true. Perhaps they're acting on some crazy notion that Heisman Trophy award winners have a slightly greater statistical propensity to kill people, though having 1986 winner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's name on the trophy didn't help things, either.

(You don't remember his whole "the Jews killed Jesus" acceptance speech? Oh, sorry, that was
another Heisman winner, FSU's own Charlie Ward, a bit later on in his career. Just boys being boys!)

The second Buckeye note: Florida's already lost the rap game, since C-bus is bringing the flow like this, son. He says wishes he wasn't so plastered at the end of this; we were really wanting to be plastered by the end, but it is 3 o'clock, and that's not all that unusual around here, anyway.

Umm...enjoy? (Audio NSFW, natch.)