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Today truly was a slow day, but a welcome one since we're totally drained by a weekend of actual interaction with people. We'll be back tomorrow with a robust Tuesday. We promise. With like, our hand on P.J. O'Rourke's Holidays In Hell or something.

In the meantime, nominate your favorite blogs for the Blogpoll Awards. The initial announcement is over at Rocky Top Talk and explains the whole rigamarole. The actual nominating widget--without widgets, adventure is impossible!!!--is over at MGoBlog, since Brian's actually capable of putting these things together.

A final note: in order to gauge interest ahead of time, how many of you would actually listen to an online broadcast of yours truly and other blog-types instead of the actual broadcast of the legendary Poinsettia Bowl? Due to legalities, this would not be a broadcast of the Poinsettia Bowl, but rather a Mystery Science 3000 type of deal where we'd discuss college football in general, while perhaps mentioning the score of the Poinsettia Bowl along the way.

Leave your declared interest in the comments below. Or tell us this is a despicable idea. Both would be helpful.