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Ever watched a marathon on television? It usually ends with two runners, one of whom is almost certainly Kenyan, ripping off five minute paces at the 24 mile mark. (Watch it sometime--it makes your lungs sear a little just watching it.) Then, at one unspoken moment, the one who has more gas in the tank just looks back, makes a decision, and then suddenly goes faster despite having just run those 24 miles. The other person doesn't exactly give up, but a visible spirit-crushing shudder goes through them as the recede into the distance.

In the third quarter of a potential shootout last night, that's precisely what West Virginia did to Pitt: Catch me, motherfucker. Pitt had one half of disciplined run D in them, and once White started reading and running, the outcome played out like twisted math for Pitt. He looked like Woody Dantzler on crank last night, running for 200 and passing for 200 on a defense reduced to near tears by the last dregs of the fourth quarter.

If that wasn't bad enough, Pat White also mocked Pitt's lame, piped-in roar on camera. You deserve it, Pitt, for using the lamest tricks of a.m. drive-time radio to pump up your crowd. Unless you play that clip of Don King saying "Testicles are acceptable" that they use all the time on 790 here in Atlanta. That shit is always funny.