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We once had a motorcycle wreck. Laid a bike down when a black sedan blocked the right lane of northbound traffic by pulling perpendicular across it, only to be followed by a second black sedan that blocked the other northbound lane. Skidding along the pavement and donating our upper layer of skin to the asphalt, the thought did pass: if death weren't potentially involved, this would be wayyyy fun.

That's pretty much the official EDSBS take on South Carolina/Florida. It knocked us down in the rankings. We looked comically inept for most of the game. Our insurer called immediately after the game, informing that our premiums went up as a result of being in direct attendance. And yet, there's the noise below, and Reggie fuckin' Nelson sprinting headlong into the stands to hug anyone and everyone he could grab.

It was top five fanboy moment-worthy, even with the death thing and all hanging around there at the end. Screw rankings, punditry, and the beauty contest that is the national title race. Style points, be gone--the experience trumped all here. We wouldn't have had it any other way at the end.