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According to a little stealthy radio listening here, this may actually be a possibility: Texas versus Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. That's courtesy of Brad Edwards, ESPN number cruncher, talking to Tony Barnhardt et. al on 790 the Zone here in Atlanta.

The scenario: Texas, brought low in the race for BCS position by their Sam Houston State matchup, gets the Fiesta Bowl bid. Boise only needs to be in the top 12 of the BCS rankings or be ranked in the top 16 with a ranking higher than that of a conference champ to get an automatic bid to a BCS bowl. Thanks to the midget nutkicking match we call the ACC, this may be a real possibility, since Boise is sitting at 14 in the rankings and needs to beat San Jose State to keep this mutant strain of BCS possibility alive.

(Burnt Orange Nation is very much onto this, and by poll numbers, it wouldn't be Texas fans' first choice. You may pick yourself up off the floor in shock--your boss might see you there, and while you have been drinking today, you certainly don't want them to think you can't handle it.)

Take an absurd system, tweak it some more, and end up with an even more absurd system. Frankly, Rube Goldberg could have come up with a better system of ending the college season than something generating a potential Boise/Texas matchup, a solution involving golf balls, a boxing glove on a flexing arm, and not Boise State players lying broken in pieces on the field in front of millions of scarred eyeballs.