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The flashy, but as yet unproductive, Florida wide receiver Nyan Boateng was stabbed in the leg by his girlfriend. Luckily it was a small knife and appears to be just a flesh wound. Perhaps Boateng will learn his lesson that he shouldn't take relationship advice from Avery Atkins.

Boateng should recover as it was only a flesh wound.

Orson's take:

Nyan Boateng--whose prior claim to fame as a Florida Gator involved claiming to run a 4.0 forty yard dash--wasn't fast enough to dodge a knife held by a woman on Sunday.

While we wish Boateng speedy healing, we would like to encourage them to overcome their differences as people and seriously consider a relationship. It's not often you find someone on this cold orb who really cares about you, much less loves you; and as Colonel Swindle once said, "A gun is just business; but if someone stabs you, that's passion there." We at EDSBS hope the two take those words to heart.

Nyan Boateng (on left): let love plant a your heart.