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Marcus Thomas, the phenomenally talented DT for Florida, was kicked off the team prior to the Vandy kickoff. Here's Thomas talking about why it happened. (HT: Mack10zie.)

Thomas flaked, but we ask this question: if a 21 year old kid is smoking marijuana regularly, is a 12-step program needed? It's not like he's Vernon Maxwell smoking crack in the lockerroom at the half; he's a guy with a liking for weed, which we smoked plenty of in college. And at our most baked and Mario Kart-addicted, we never thought a 12-step program was in order.
Thomas broke his promises, has no excuse, etc...but could the whole thing could have been avoided with a slightly more sane policy on drug use? Namely, that all drugs aren't the same, and that a marijuana test should earn different treatment than a DUI, positive cocaine test, or other such violation?

Without invoking a huge debate on federal drug policy: is a 12-step program a bit draconian for a positive weed test?

Is your college-aged child playing too much Mario Kart? He may be funding terrorism.