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When sitting at home, thinking about the most juvenile possible EDSBS headlines we could possibly write, it came down to one day dream. We knew we couldn't force South Carolina to play Southern Cal..., so our best bet was the USC/OSU match up. But could Oregon State possibly be the team to end USC's regular season and Pac 10 streaks??????

Well, it happened and we couldn't narrow down the headline choices to one. I mean, "Trojans Busted, Beavers Responsible" is good and all, but is it a clear winner over "Beavers Turn Back Trojans In The End"... or "Trojans Denied By Beavers"... or "Beavers Defense To Tight For Trojans". ... or "Impotent Trojans Can't Penatrate Beavers". How could we possibly choose? Oh yea, and it was like totally the biggest upset of the season and could lead the BCS into controversy.... but its really all about the juvenile wise cracks for us.