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We're kicking off early because it's rainy and just that kind of day here in Atlanta. If you care to join us, we will be watching the Cocktail Party from the safe distance of Taco Mac in Decatur, where we will NOT spend fifty dollars on vodka tonics as we did during the LSU game. Feel free to stop by and say hello to the man in the flaming couch shirt.

The video below may cause severe brain damage for Georgia fans who watch it. In fact, remove the 'may,' because brain damage is a given--it may cause death, which we wouldn't wish on anyone. Yet.

Fine work by ChrisLeakFan4Life, the Gator video surgeon who pieced this together. We may usually disagree on what music should go behind shots of Florida opponents getting trucked by our beloved team, but this time one thing is accepted as a universal truth: Kool Keith saying "Smack My Bitch Up" to a thumping techno beat never, ever gets old. (Hint: Something unbelievably awesome happens at the 4:16 mark: one of those front-side, soul-swallowing, kodiak bear attacking a fluffy bunny sacks. We leapt from our chair when watching it.)

Enjoy your weekend, sirs and ma'ams.