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As an editorial position of EDSBS, we'd like to state for the record that we believe in love, and not just for people we'd like to see naked. No, we believe in love for all, even for the ugly, homely, undereducated, diseased, unkempt, addicated, violent, and antisocial. We even believe in love for the fans of the University of Tennessee, though we certainly don't care to imagine them consummating their bond on a heavily (very) reinforced matress. (Hello, frightening scene from Sideways 2: The Mechanic's Revenge.)

You cynics look away, because you're about to see true love if you click through to see the tale of two Alabama fans who found happiness via the internet. (One of many fine prescription drugs available via the internet at Gracias for el effexor, amigos! To view the video, click on "related videos.")

You may point and laugh, but dammit, there's something going right in a society where two people may find each other online, meet, and still get married in an empty stadium after seeing each other's..."ironic" hairstyles.

The part that should hurt Crimson Tide fans: the couple, shortly after getting married, drove to the nearby Holiday Inn Express, where they scored two more times than the Crimson Tide did against Tennessee on Saturday. The part that really hurts: half the married people reading this had Corinthians in their wedding, too. Don't lie--we did.

Why Mike Judge understands the soul of this nation more than you ever will.