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DAMMIT. This actually happened in 2004. That's what that "2004" thing meant after the column. We though it just referred to Kentucky's total offensive yards for the season or some such number. A thousand blog-lashes for us--we'll be over here drinking our cough syrup and regrouping. We leave the article up as a valediction against being...well, being a damn sloppy blogger--ed.

Kentucky football and indecent exposure: two things that when seen even in limited doses subject the viewer/victim to inordinate trauma. And now they're two great tastes that taste great together!

Two UK football reserves, redshirt freshmen offensive linemen Eric Klope and Casey Shumate, were involved in an indecent exposure incident along with recently dismissed UK fullback Joe Razzano. Article detail quoting

Klope and Shumate then made "sexual comments" to a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old boy who were riding their bikes, the report said. The three came out of the bushes and off the porch. The two told the kids, "We are big fags ... come up here so we can have a big orgy," the report said.

Wait, this is followed up by the kind of grand intentional comedy adept stringers put in daily into wire pieces like this:

They also told the kids to "show some respect for UK football players," according to the report.

If dropping their pants didn't elicit respect from preteens, then that doesn't bode well for any of them. We imagine this whole incident was started when the kids rode by idly, noticed a naked Razzano sitting on the porch, and then screamed out "FAGS!," since it's one of the five phrases adolescent males between the ages of 10-14 are capable of saying with absolute confidence. Razzano's explanation for sitting nude on a porch at 9 p.m.:

When Razzano noticed the officer, he "fled inside (the) house to put clothes on." The police report said he told police "he had been nude because when he woke up, his father called, so he went out on (the) porch to talk to him."

Kentucky: if you're gonna talk to daddy son, make sure you're naked? Will that fit on a license plate?

Failed to get respect from preteens even after dropping pants. Hmm...