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Scoop is back for LSU, and he's bringing his friend Marcus Thomas with him. In case you missed it, Thomas has been suspended for the past three games for two positive marijuana tests over the summer. The university's official statement:

"The committee has heard an appeal from Marcus Thomas and made a recommendation to amend his sanctions. The appeal process followed the proper procedures of the committee, which included a recommendation that is made independently by the committee and then approved by the Athletic Director and the President of the University. Marcus has some work ahead of him, but he has been grated the opportunity to play in the LSU game. Beyond that, he will continue to have a set of responsibilities and obligations for which he will be held accountable."

Tookes discharges an AR-15 in an apartment complex...nothing happens. Thomas tests positive and earns an automatic five game suspension that !poof! becomes a three game suspension before the biggest game of the year. Umm...

YAAAAAYYYYYY! Marcus Thomas is back! (Plugging fingers in ears, covering eyes...)

He's hungry. Don't ask why.