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We're off to watch an inevitable beating that, according to almost every person on the planet, we cannot escape. (Unless you're Trev, but he's holed up in his office and won't talk to anyone in person. Poor Bloo.) A few more notes, links, etc, on the way out the door.

--We'll be conducting some field research this weekend at the Taco Mac in Decatur. Feel free to join us and say hello. We'll be the ones covered in fear sweat with the video camera. If you can't drop in in person, get chatty at harumphharumph at yahoo messenger.

--Dan Shanoff takes a look at the individual AP ballots, and now officially being a blogger, he is duly unimpressed.

--The WaPo, the official paper of "Hollywood for Ugly People," puts in a nice piece about Jon Tenuta's wicked Georgia Tech defense. In it, the writer refers to Tech's d-lineman as "sleek," a word usually saved for describing racing hounds or new cell phones.

--Matthew McConoughey does not equal victory for your team. He will, however, get high get naked and dance in the street and your wife she will like this.

--Adult Swim blames Auburn for kudzu. That's fine with us, because that's what dad told us.

--West Virginia fans taunt Maryland fans. The nu-metal soundtrack is deplorable. The commentary is not. "Hey Maryland! You suck! You've got a turtle--we've got a guy with a gun!"

A taunt to live by. Enjoy the weekend.