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You may prefer to give the crown to tailgaters who bring in their own RVs, hot tubs, and MASH units for the the big game. But we maintain a soft spot in our heart for those who keep it small but masterfully executed, sticking to the single tent design but making sure every crease of the tarp and each putter of the generator goes according to plan.

We met such a man this past week at Gainesville, and his name is Darryl. As you can see, Darryl is a model of tailgating dedication, honing his rig right down to the finest detail of color coordination and maxing out his generator to the last microvolt. We know this last part to be especially true, since we asked to plug into his sockets, and were informed that he'd learned from hard experience that additional plugging would cause his generator to explode in dramatic and unwanted fashion.

Darryl even includes the most important element of a civilization on the march: the toilet, hidden in a brilliant Gator-blue latrine behind the main room. We salute you, Darryl, for keeping us all building those castles in the sky, while making sure we remember to work a shitter into the blueprints along the way. Salut!