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North Carolina State fans have had plenty to celebrate over the past year: Chuck Amato's red shoes (the angels want to wear them, Chuck!), local newspapers posting highly amusing flash animations about the coach, and the infamous Mexi-cam (which can't possibly compete with Ole Miss's beloved "Negro-scope."

Now NC State can reach out to a whole new audience of fans by becoming the first football program to openly sanction public urination during games. Le quote:

"We are going to fix this before the Florida State game if we have to do it ourselves," Will Quick, student body president, said.

He indicated that he heard first-hand reports of people urinating in the stands.

"I know people were urinating in their sections," Quick said. "I have heard reports of individuals being splashed by urine." (HT: Kyle)

Seriously...fighting...obvious joke...will

We lose. Here your newest Chuck Amato fan.

Cause he's trapped in the bleachers! Gonna piss in the bleachers! Now I pee in the BLEEEACHAAS!