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Ron Franklin, the stentorian voice of Saturday night football on ESPN, has been benched. Kanu at Dodgy At Best captures the moment with lucid fury:

Ron Franklin is the best voice in CFB by a mile, and he certainly is the voice of the big Saturday night game on ESPN. My sis donned him "Uncle Ron" about 10 years ago because his voice is so great and comforting/comfortable that he sounds like your favorite uncle calling the game for you at a weekly family gathering. As damn near all things ESPN related have turned to complete and utter shite around him the last 15 years, he had remained one of the very few great things that remain at now-shittastic ESPN.

Uncle Ron will now be have the honor of broadcasting day games between major conference foes and their 1-AA scheduling gimps. Here's hoping he leaves, signs with FOX, and takes the Musburger route to renaissance when the "Bread and Circuses" network gets its claws on college football.

College football on FOX, with "The Running Man" at halftime. Who do you love?