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We've already given him some advice today, but just in case you needed more Chesty Coacherita action, we've got it for you. The Chuck Amato Survival Rating, made with reference to his chances of coaching at N.C. State next year=appropriate pectoral size, must begin and end with this quote today:

"I don't even want to answer that question anymore. The hottest seat I've been in was when I drove my 1969 Corvette from my house to this building when it was 98 degrees and I don't have any air conditioning in it...You'll have to ask somebody. You know something I don't know. Why are you making a story because of what you read that hasn't come out of somebody's mouth on this university? Why statistically aren't we looking at every school in this state? Please are we all on it? Let's be men about it. Let's really..."

And with that, following a loss to Southern Miss in which the Wolfpack were never competitive, we hereby pronounce his chances as "Hey, Skinny!"

Amato: getting sand kicked on him by the bully we call life.