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Maybe Jeffy isn't the problem at Florida State...

I don't like offensive football the way it is nowadays. Offensive football today is a game of formations. When I used to work the offense, you lined up in one formation and you played that way the whole game. You could tell every thing the other team was doing. If they did this, you go there. If they did this, you go here. If they do this, you do that. But now it's 'put this formation in and they do this. Put this formation in and they do that.' Try to always get some kind of a mismatch. But that's the way the pros play it. Colleges are the same way.

So confusing! Like that damn TiVo thing. Just when you figure out the dadgum VCR, they got something else for you to figure out. One thing that should send FSU fans running for the exits with nausea: your company in the rushing category. Above you? Baylor. Below you? Hawaii. Below them? No one.