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After a 33-0 defeat at the hands of Rutgers, Illinois coach [NAME REDACTED] has a new weapon sure to put fear in the hearts of Big Ten foes everywhere(HT: Teds):

"We probably will experiment more with the rugby punt," Zook said Sunday. "It'll be part of our repertoire from now on. I like what it does to the defense."

[NAME REDACTED] is, of course, only showing his chops as a student of history. The rugby punter has come through on the side of many a noble army in history, drop-kicking from the hip and vanquishing some formidable foes. Who could forget his quality work at...

...the Battle of Agincourt, when he was just a wee lad?

What's the king of the Hawk people doing in there?

...or at Waterloo, where he charged with the 52nd?

Who knew poorly photoshopped jpgs existed in the early 19th century?

...or finally, as a member of our greatest generation at Guadalcanal?

Nice form, there, Charlie. Got a pack a Lucky Strikes?

Congratulations, Illinois. We see improvement! You're getting better and better every day!