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Blogpoll Number One is out, and we finally--at last!--earn the Straight Bangin' Award for knifing our own team in the back. We'd like to thank all of you who made it happen, especially the UF offensive line who gave us those award-winning jitters. Prove us wrong, you beautiful fat ballerina commandos!


--Voters denied Michigan their courtesy top ten spot.

--Oklahoma and Cal were big swingers, though in opposite directions. Cal's riding a boom of expectations; Oklahoma's Bomarchy apparently reflects voters lack of confidence in Paul Thompson's ability to do anything past taking a snap. Other big swingers: WVU, Penn State (replacing tons of personnel, but warm fuzzies float all things, including rankings,) and that guy Kent with the waxed pencil-thin mustache and his weird-ass wife who lives just up the street. If he invites you to one of his parties, by no means should you go.

--This guy eats Chan Gailey's oatmeal drinks his Metamucil. That sounded far dirtier than we wanted it to...

Eating the Gailey oatmeal? Well, that makes three of you, counting Mrs. Gailey.

--A pair of jackasses voted for Duke because of their enduring crush on a grown-ass man old enough to be their father who doesn't even coach at their school anymore. Sad, really.