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Paul, ever attuned to the emotional well-being of Georgia Tech Fans, highlights a painful quandary faced by Georgia Tech fans on Sept. 2nd: the Notre Dame game coming on just as Dragon Con's getting into full swing.

Read Paul's post for the full sting (pun horribly intended,) but know this: the post makes use of a Venture Brothers clip featuring an uproarious use of Holst's "Mars" from The Planets. 5/4 time never sounded so funny.

(What he doesn't mention is that the game will end in plenty of time for Tech dorks determined to score with women sandwiched into corsets--and there are plenty of them at Dragon Con--to get back for the world's ugliest round of sex parties this side of the Love Parade in Berlin. Don't ask how we know this.)

Tech fans, fear not. You may gladiate with lusty Trekkie wenches and catch Chan Gailey fever all in the same day.