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We missed so much over the course of this busy week it's shameful. But in a futile attempt to recoup some of the fine work and news we missed, please accept Friday's linkhaul and YouTube bonus clip.

--Practice reports. God, please make the next 20 days evaporate.

--WTGW has an exclusive clip of Chan Gailey's interview with James Lipton. The prime cut:

JL: We will now move to our quick questions as given by the students. What is your favorite play?

CCG: Run up the middle and then throw the ball out of bounds on two consecutive plays.

--Deshawn Wynn secured his reserved spot in Urban Meyer's doghouse by missing two days of practice this week due to "a fever." (First thought: "donut fever.") He then made things much worse on himself by tacking on another point for an open container violation. As with most police blotter stories, it's pure poetry:

Wynn probably didn’t help himself last week when he was cited by a Gainesville police officer for an open container violation. According to the citation, an officer spotted Wynn, 22, with an open 16-ounce Miller Lite bottle at 11:13 p.m. on Aug. 3 in a parking lot at 400 S. Main Street. Wynn is due in court Aug. 26 to answer to the misdemeanor charge.

A point for the Gators, of course, in the Fulmer Cup standings. Speaking of...

--We really couldn't saddle poor SJSU with the entirety of Ellis T. Jones multiple, multiple crimes. So we just gave it all to Ellis, since by himself he's scored a nation's load of points:

It's really the only fair thing to do. That kind of outstanding individual effort just can't be coached.'s got a lovely array of pics of Florida fans. Our personal favorites are the one where you can tell how infernally hot it actually is in the Swamp:

We're coming to your party. Sweatin' beer.

--ESPN ate ABCSports this week. Kanu's thinking this is not good, we're guessing, since describing anything as "shittastic" does not equal ringing endorsement.

--We used to have the recurring nightmare that we were Jason Bourne in that scene in The Bourne Supremacy where a horde of Marines is chasing him through an embassy and up to the roof. Now, thanks to the magic of YouTube, we have another: being caught in the middle of a brawl between Ole Miss and Miss State.

--Finally, the new server transfer is at last underway and rolling. Bandwidth, thy name is dedicated server. Thanks to all who donated and made this possible.

--Enjoy your weekend.