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Yes, Maurice Clarett got arrested again. Does anyone need to pay attention to this? Go do something productive, like playing the fantasy misfit draft over at the House of Heat, for chrissakes.

In case you're wondering, if you have four guns in your car and are wearing a bulletproof vest, you better be:

a. A Green Beret on patrol

b. Dog the Bounty Hunter

c. Gary Busey

d. Tupac, still alive and living under then name "Roulette Simmons" in Ixtapa.

Barring his shocking death at the hands of a ravenous pack of wild dogs, this will hopefully be the last thing we ever write about Maurice Clarett. Hopefully he'll slowly fade into the mists of time. Very, very slowly, that is.

How long until we forgot Clarett? Took about 4.77 seconds, actually.