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We strongly suspect you are about to get the World Wide Leader's USC treatment. You can't turn on ESPN without hearing a blurb about the Irish, their venerable coach or resident rock star QB. Nor can you click on without seeing something singing the praises of South Bend. This morning was another example as Mark Schlabach's Hot and Not for 2006 piece puts the juxtaposition right at the top... in this year, ND, out, USC. As if all the Notre Dame haters out there haven't been griping loud enough for the past, I don't know, 100 years about the special media treatment the Irish have gotten. Now, if ND gets off to a hot start we'll be force fed syrupy pieces about whether this is the greatest team of all time. Oi Vei! And I'm not even a hater.

Could this be the greatest college quarterback ever? Please tell us ESPN.