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Mike Leach scores fifty a game most of the time by seemingly pulling average qbs at random from the ranks of Texas high schoolers and turning them into 4000 yard-tossing windmills. The transfer of former blue-chip Derek Shaw from Arizona State to Texas Tech gives Leach a prime piece of recruit to plug into the madness of the Red Raider offense for a change. Shaw dropped out of Arizona State in the spring and will have four seasons of eligibility left following this season, which should give him the inside track on breaking every single NCAA passing record provided he wins the starting job since he'll be throwing fifty times a game for 400 yards and yet not show up on a single NFL draft chart the whole time. (HT: The Wiz.)

This all assumes he'll survive the initial keel-hauling and lashes he'll get as an initiation into Leach's crew, but he seems like a strapping enough lad to live through his pirate rites.

(For a particularly wonky discussion of the Michael Lewis article that unveiled Mike Leach's fascination with pirates, see this bit on the Freakonomics board.)

Yarr--Goooooooo Raiddderrrssssss.