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What sums up EDSBS better than a great pre-game tailgate in which people are having fun drinking the beverages of their choice, eating quatitly vittles, boasting of their team's (and indeed alma mater's) virtues and ripping on their opponent for the week and bitter rivals? Other than a really good and equally imature fart joke... nothing. That is why we hope to celebrate fandome even more this season and we ask for your help. Each week would would like you to send us your favorite tailgating photos and stories. We'll collect our favorites and give them the EDSBS treatment they deserve. Naturally sucking up to by having hot chicks sporting crudely made EDSBS signage or clothing will always be appreciated. So show us what you've got you twisted bastards! Email submissions to edsbsfans-a-gmail dot com.

Notoriously huge EDSBS fan. Photograph her tailgating with an EDSBS shirt and you guarantee being posted.