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The season's approaching, so it's time to build the language and lingo of the upcoming season one brick at a time. The neologism of the week will be:


Pronunciation: 'bo-MARD

Function: Adjective

Etymology: derived from the last name of an Oklahoma starting quarterback who gave his team the pipe in 2006 by taking cake jobs specifically prohibited under NCAA rules, Rhett Bomar. He was then kicked off the team before playing a single game of his sophomore season.

Definition: To inconvenience a team in grandiose fashion with behavior of a selfish and illicit nature off the field.

Example: "To the astonishment of teammates and others, quarterback Paint Strapley was kicked off the team for attempting to illegally import a ton of Mexican nandralone and 2.3 million dollars of gold bullion into the United States. Strapley's blimp was intercepted by U.S. Customs officials at the border at 3 a.m. yesterday. He has been suspended indefinitely by Coach Bobby Bowden, who responded to reporters' questions by saying "Herbert Hoover, y'all, applesauce, sleepy..." Teammates are left feeling bomar'd.

NOTE: Slight variant of "Rixtirpated" (participle of verb "rixtirpate"), which is to inconvenience team in grandiose fashion on the field.


Addendum: SMQ wants a do-over after Bomar's booting.