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We're pooped. After three straight days of guest stars (thanks to our close personal friends Dirk Benedict and Hugo Chavez for coming by--si se puede!) and all the coffee we could handle, we now bring the EDSBS telethon to a close, having surpassed our fundraising goal thanks to the hard-earned donations of the faithful, the degenerate, the hypocrite lecteur... you, the EDSBS reader.

Thanks for stopping by and singing "Kokomo" with us, Mr. Van Der Beek.

We have a shitload of thank-you notes to write, but we want to know: since we surpassed the fundraising goal, we'd like to see what you want out of the site in the way of bells and whistles to build into things here. For example:

--More video and video archiving. YouTube's offering endless bandwidth and possibilities as far as video hosting, but the software and equipment takes some a-purchasing. Is their demand for this? We've gotten a video camera out of the deal, but if you want further video, we'll do our damndest.

--Tailgates. We're tentatively announcing the first EDSBS tailgate, scheduled to take place at the ND/GT game here in Atlanta on September 2nd. The idea is that we get some donated beer, rope a little area off informally, and take donations in exchange for frosty beverage for our favorite local charity, an all-refugee soccer team in the Clarkston area. They need cleats; you need beer; voila! There will be expenses associated with this, however minimal they might be. Given some realistic parameters, we'd like to have three or four of these throughout the season, including a massive one in Gainesville on September 30th for the Bama/Florida game.

--T-shirts. Long rumored, oft-promised, we have a designer working on these. We're thinking of doing Cafe Press, and they should be available before the season starts.

These are just a few ideas, so leave your own suggestions and comments below.

Finally, thanks again. We raised a total of $2,620 dollars, double our original goal. The tip jar will remain open, of course, but for 2006 we consider the official EDSBS telethon concluded in triumphant fashion. In celebration, we're going to purchase a wetsuit, twist our hair in minibraids, and bop around the office to Living Colour. Huge gratitude goes out to all our donors--thanks from the bottom of our black, whiskey-stained heart.