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2200 yards. That's the goal Adrian Peterson has set for himself this season. That would pretty well assure him of a Heisman Trophy and probably mean a pretty good season for the Sooners, but can he do it without breaking down? Well, he's got a 12 game schedule... and if Barry Sanders could get over 2600 in 11, it is certainly possible.

Barry Sanders proved it is easy to stay healthy if you don't let the defense touch you.

But with Peterson's punishing running style, the better question is should he go for it? We are quite certain his future agent would advise against it. 2200 yard is alot of carries for a guy who can't bring himself to run out of bounds and who is more likely to try to run you over than make you miss. Reaching that goal likely means alot of contact after a game is already in hand (one way or the other). Peterson isn't being paid the millions of dollars he is destined for just yet and, although he is still young, there is only so much tread on a running back's tires (on average only a 4 year pro career). Our advice... save it for when it matters for the team and wait to collect your millions.

Future Millionaire... as long as he doesn't get hurt.