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Lo! The Fulmer Cup Scoreboard for the beginning of the home stretch looks thusly:

Notes, clarifications, and complete gross errors:

--Navy, on the clearing of all charges in the Lamar Owens case, loses all points. Corrections will be made shortly, and their record will be as squeaky clean as the launch tubes on a nuclear sub.

--Despite his impending transfer, Texas will keep Ramonce Taylor's points. This is not a bad thing since Texas also gets to claim that their players get into hundred person brawls on peanut farms in the middle of nowhere, which is soooo Fight Club-hot of them. (The number of women we know who drool over the fight scenes in that movie is disturbing. Or encouraging. We can't really decide. All we know is we've been punching everyone we know in the face for years, and no one's ever called it hot when we did it.)

--We didn't touch the Fresno City Community College story involving numerous football players and an alleged gang rape because it involves a community college, which is not within purview of the Fulmer Cup.

Please leave any notes on scoring below, since there's so much on the table we're sure we've missed something along the way.

See complete scoring here, and as always thanks to EDSBS Players' Club Member BIGMIKE for maintaining the scoring.