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These are pics of the same guy, OL George Robinson of Oklahoma, taken a year apart:

I thought I'd take up racketball...and voila! HT: The Wiz.

George appears to be losing weight like Oprah here, which might set off alarm bells for wags (like ourselves, for example) looking for conspicuous body change in college athletes that might hint at steroid or other supplement abuse. The NCAA's rules, remember, could technically include the purchase of a steak for a player as "supplement abuse," if you take a particularly obtuse reading of them. It doesn't appear George has been getting a lot of illegal supplement steak here, and if he did, it would be sirloin and in small pieces.

We only say this with any authority since we've lived in Tennessee and Georgia for a large slice of our lives, and can say with certainty that we know from fat. If anyone's had a relative who suddenly "got religion" food and exercise wise, the transformation can happen way fast, especially if "getting religion" means "picking up a nasty cocaine addiction," which also causes a rapid slimming of the economic waistline, too. (Cocaine: a crash diet for your whole life!) Big guys can drop twenty like it's nothing, so it's not inconceivable that big George, under the watchful eye of trainers and electroshock-assisted behavior modification, dropped fifty pounds off a 320 pound frame in a year.

Unless you're a Texas fan, which means you're assuming that the guys at the Ag college in OK are lining up the football players with the steers when "vitamin time" comes around. It's your right as a fan to assume your rivals are cheating, steroid-popping, wife-slapping bastards, and we couldn't take it away from you if we tried.