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When Orson asked me to co-host EDSBS this week, I thought...."Hmmm...posting on a Gator Blog. This should be interesting." Some worried that I would use the opportunity to run down Urban Meyer or talk smack about the Gator Program. Not me. No I prefer to take the high road when it comes to such matters.
Greatest moment in SEC history for my money
Run Lindsay Run
I'm not the kind of guy that would come on here and take advantage of my host's offer of carte blanche posting to bring up painful memories of Gator moments in the the seal clubbing in the Fiesta Bowl. No, I'm bigger than that. I wouldn't stoop to that level.
Fiesta Beat Down
He's still running.
That's what they've always said. Ol' High Road Westerdawg. Anyway, thanks to Orson for the invite. Next time I'm on vacation, I'm leaving him the keys to One Georgia Sports Blog Tower, and he can pull double duty for me. Seems only fair. Note to Orson, I left your keys to the IROC on your office desk....and the jorts you sent me to wear while posting didn't fit. Until then I leave you with the Head Ball Coach's greatest soundbite ever. -- Paul Westerdawg (bring on the 2-14 jokes)