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The off-season is long... too long. And every year you can count on the time being passed by sports writers in a few tried and true ways like passing off recycled story lines as fresh and new. By July, we simply cannot bear to read them any longer. The tipping point for us this season is the "alternative training methods" storyline. You know the one, the one about football players doing something allegedly different and innovative in conditioning. Is it martial arts this time? Or pilates? What about capoeira? This season apparently LSU is doing yoga? Wow. That is just crazy enough to work... just ask Chan Gailey. Didn't we see something about those wacky cajuns doing Jujutsu on the world-wide leader two or three years ago? Can't the season just start already?

Instead of collapsing against Tennesee this year, LSU will find their center at half time doing the tree.