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We don't know who put this video together, but we can say something definitively: they understand the brains of men. Not only have they chosen to devote an entire four-minute video to bone-snapping human wrecking ball Kyle Eckel, former fullback for Navy, but have also highlighted Eckel's memorable disintegrations of opposing defenders by inserting the images of:

--Optimus Prime

--A tugboat getting a supertanker's anchor dropped on its bow

--A missile hitting its target

--An atomic bomb

--A knee-wobbling knockout punch

The intro physics lecture on force only hints at the greatness of this clip. We'd hire the guy who put this together to direct our dream movie project Spurrier: the Whiff of Genius, a biopic musical with score by Jerry Reed and words by Kool Keith, in a fucking heartbeat.

Let the man go through.