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Perhaps this is what killed Bear Bryant (HT: Nico) :

It being Friday, we have a few comments to make to kill time:

1. The FORD logos on the cheerleaders' outfits allow us to make some inferences about college football's influence on NASCAR fandom. If Bear was a Ford man, then by inference all Alabama fans would follow suit. Auburn fans would thus flock to Chevy in opposition, thus making the likely historical driver of choice Dale Earnhardt. Georgia fans, hating Auburn more than they hate Alabama, would likely then join Bama fans on the Ford side of the fence, while Tennessee fans would join Auburn fans in reflexively joining Chevy in reaction to Alabama's open declaration of love for "Fix Or Repair Daily." And Florida fans? We watch IROC, baby, where the Camaro lives forever.

The NASCAR anecdote hereby ends. Everyone else who passed out at the mention of stock car racing may return to consciousness now.

2. The cheerleader reaching for Bear's hat? Vaporized by a lightning strike seconds later, or immediately aged ten thousand years in ten seconds like the guy in Indiana Jones and Last Crusade. If she did live after touching it, her persistent dry skin and acne were cured instantly. She would also acquire the power of flight.

3. The blond in the lower right hand corner whose hand is in motion looks like she could take shots like a pro. Just a hunch.