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However you're doing it, you're not doing it right. See, there's a 33-year old LSU college student. That student gets very, very drunk during the Oregon State game. Old college student then strips off all clothes and runs onto field during game. Old college student then eludes several tackles by security while showing all of Tiger Stadium his andouille. (HT: Warren.)

Total cost: $1,624.75

Total number of people who saw old college student his li'l Huey Long: 80,000--90,000 people.

If that's not a cost effective dating strategy, nothing is. In terms of labor and time spent emailing and putting just the right song to your picture, it might be cheaper than MySpace, actually. And all you have to risk is a little pepper spray and a dog bite, which if you're one of our readers has already likely become a regular feature of your dating life.

And the guy? Not your Frank the Tank type. He's actually a Ph.D student, according to LSU fans, and one who evidently hits the gym more than most.

Crazy. Drunk. And teaching your morning physical anthropology class.