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After the last edition of the PowerPoint Previews nuked the site for a few hours, we're back with an experiment: loading our glossy look at Athlon's #23, the Utah Utes, onto a German file barn and seeing how it works. Click here to start the process; you'll have to go through a few clicks to get it off the mirror site, but soon you'll be using one of the most despised pieces of office technology ever to prepare for the season.

We're especially proud of the Utah preview, dear reader. Not because it's good--on the contrary, it's probably the least entertaining one we've strung together yet. No, we're especially proud because we got through an entire Utah presentation without making a joke about polygamy, Gary Gilmore, or Mormons. We did, however, decide to make fun of Chan Gailey losing to Utah in the Emerald Bowl with the help of two of Utah's most famous citizens, one of whom looks a lot like Mama Swindle, actually. (Not Merlin Olsen. We'll beat you to that one.)