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The situation regarding Avery Atkins' alleged assault of his now ex-girlfriend has gotten no clearer. Not helping this is Atkins, whose request for a transfer and release from his scholarship was denied by the university; following the denial, Atkins made contradictory statements in the Daytona Herald and Orlando Sentinel about how he felt at this point in the proceedings, alternately saying remaining at the University of Florida could "ruin his life" and that he wanted to stay in Gainesville. If he stays in Gainesville, he'll need a new apartment, as he's been served an eviction notice citing $1,214 in unpaid rent.

The only substantive quote from Meyer on this?

"I’ve talked to him, talked to his family. We feel like it’s in his best interest to try to fight through this and not be scared of the issues."

Meyer can't be thinking of putting him on the field this fall, even if it's the probable case of a very violent couple's very public fistfight, right? (Reading the eyewitness accounts, it seems less "Whoop That Trick" and more Jerry Springerish. ) He just can't. It'll be a liability down the road that Meyer doesn't want to put on his resume. Plus we already have a home for wayward boys in Florida, and for once we don't mean FSU. This one meets in a building that looks like a middle finger extended toward the voter, or perhaps an enormous phallus flanked by a set of balls.

The seat of power in Florida--if only it had a spurting fountain on the top...

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