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Since we're signing out for the day and heading over to Dodgy At Best to pontificate on another sport we love and know shockingly little about, we leave you on this sultry Tuesday with a short but powerful video from 1995 about why the Pac-10 is ten times more vicious than we wannabe hooligans in the SEC will ever know.

Note a few things, though:

--Solid mat work by Tree here, who clearly has some judo or Brazilian jiujitsu background. Call UFC immediately.

--Oski, despite some solid strikes, clearly could have used a standing start to the match. More of a boxer and less of a grappler, though what the hell can you grab on tree besides a couple of hula hoops and a googly eye?

--We think Oski remains the clear winner here despite suffering a countering head slam into the court. Note that Tree fights dirty but effectively by decapping Oski and slamming not the mascot head, but the actual head of the mascot onto the hardcourt.

--A mascot led off by security is almost as funny as a mascot being assaulted. Seeing the two in a single video is a package deal for the senses.

--We would also like to add that despite seeing him a decade-old video of him fighting in public, Oski's reputation is solid in our book. You might even say stellar.

When trees and bears fight. Almost as funny as people busting ass on slides.