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Anyone ever driven through Iowa? Sober? Are there roadside dacquiri stands offering two for one specials? How you get a 277 pound guy so drunk that he actually gets...drunk, we'll never know, since there's been some disastrous nights here when attempting to even keep half the pace of a former football player.

(These would be hangovers of the "biblical smiting" variety, where you wake up convinced that rather than overimbibing, you actually angered an Old Testament God by breaking some taboo of the tribes of Israel. If you got drunk and lucky enough, this may have actually happened. Oryou could have gotten a bacon cheeseburger at the Wendy's drive-through. Either way, biblical smiting hangovers and nights out with ex-football players=pain, pain.)

Austin Postler , sophomore offensive lineman for the Hawkeyes, earns the attention of blotter watchers for his formidable commitment to getting drunk and still maintaining his independence by driving despite being very, very drunk in Iowa City. One point for Iowa in the Fulmer Cup, a race that could change drastically before its conclusion in August. (Come on, Tennessee! We believe!)

See the full Fulmer Cup scoreboard here, where Mike's kept the scores fresh and up-to-date, with USC falling completely off the charts with the dismissal of Mark Sanchez's sexual assault charges.