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Paul unearths an outstanding if seriously backdated in the reference department Gamecocks summary video on Georgia Sports. (Somewhere deep in our heart of hearts, we suspected the Palmetto State would be all about the Van Hagar, not the Van Halen. It's David Lee's sexy stretchy pants--they're just a little too gay for the shaggy hair and Duck Head crew, we think.)

Our favorite part is the bit where an SC back dives untouched through the Florida line to the caption "Right now, Urban is still a myth." Exemplary work, gentlemen! Really (go) we (fuck) mean (yourselves) that.

The seriously well-done video may be viewed below. As soon as we figure out how the hell to manipulate video in a manner not resembling public access television, we'll post our own Florida video that will make the ASU PowerPoint preview look and sound like an Ashlee Simpson concert.

Great job, fellas. We just keyed your car.