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As if they weren't tied together by enough bloggers and sportswriters' floating histories, Charlie Weis and Urban Meyer are both riding the new hotness of speaking negatively about your team and yourself in public. The latest example, with Meyer going first, since he's thinner and therefore faster to the mike:

Did losing to Spurrier and South Carolina affix a small asterisk to an otherwise heartening season? No, said Meyer. “A big one.”

On Sunday he addressed the Atlanta Gator Club wearing khaki shorts*. In his prepared remarks, Meyer bluntly told the gathering of 600 that Florida was “not a great program.”

What's he reading? Judging from the quotes, Schopenhauer.

Not to be topped, Weis channels his inner Bill Parcells again when discussing Notre Dame's ever-growing status in preseason mags, and sets up loads of Cobra Kai jokes should you like to make them:

"Come August 6 when [the players] come back, don't worry about them reading the magazines," he said Tuesday. "Don't worry about them trying to live up to the hype. Because I will be unmerciful.

"Every time there's a mistake I'll say: 'I guess you're reading the papers again, huh? That's right, you're an All-American, you're an up-and-coming Heisman Trophy winner, you don't need to listen to me.' It's going to be a bad training camp. It's going to be good for me, but bad for them."

For the record, there shouldn't be a football fan out there who prefers the Tony Robbins approach, since nothing infuriates a non-retarded and not-blind fan more than being told by a coach that "I see improvement" when your team just got gashed for 200 rushing yards. (Cursing [NAME REDACTED], shaking angry fist at sky.] Neither of them's topped John McKay's famous proclamation when asked what he thought of his team's execution ("I'm all for it",) but it's early yet.

One thing Weis clearly has the edge on Meyer in: open endorsement of collegiate tradition (read: drinking.)

… I'm only worried about Georgia Tech on September 2 at 8:08 (Eastern time). So if you're down there, time your drinking accordingly."

Bravo, Charlie. Bra-goddamn-vo. We drink to you, sir.

Cheers, fat man. Respek.

*It's only his second year. We'll get him in acid-wash denim soon enough.