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(Warning: narrative shoehorning ahead.)

Charlie Weis is still, after a year, relatively fresh news, so his methods--offensive design, recruiting, and management style--still draw flies of interest from Irish fans and antagonists alike.

The mystery surrounding his recruiting visits attracts a ton of curiosity in particular, especially since in a relatively short span of time the crusty and reportedly abrasive former NFL coach has singlehandedly revived the lackluster recruiting pipeline left to leak and rust in the football wilderness by Ty Willingham (as covered in grand detail every damn day at Blue-Gray Sky. (Note: fine Cure reference in this post for you eyeliner-wearing types. See, we've got your old ID...) The art of tracking Weis' whirlwind recruiting tours involve every type of message board stalking, up to and including the standard "I saw a guy who looked kind of like him on the turnpike" sighting posts and even tracking flight manifests to check for the call sign of the Notre Dame jet. (Silently bows, tips Panama hat in respect to naked fan obsession.)

The whole process only adds fairy dust to the mysterious methods of Weis. Which is exactly why we thought of him when we saw this video--perhaps he's scouting talent in the Mobile/Dothan area with the help of his knee-high dancing minions?

Two things we love about the video.

1. This:

Isn't the "amateur" bit redundant? And that looks nothing like Rob Ianello.

2. And this guy. We want to love him. We want to adopt him. Most importantly, we want to learn from him.

Who all seen the leprechaun say yeah! YEAAAHHHH!