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...allegedly! What we do know is that Alabama loses two depth chart moles--Chris "Suddenly Appropriately Named" Keys and T. Robinson--to the breakage of "unspecified team rules," after which they "left the program." (HT: Warren. The rumored specifying we've been getting indicates that they were allegedly hanging out with Sir Smoke-A-Lot. This doesn't hurt Bama too much in terms of impact players; Keys was a special teams monster, which will hurt, and both had the requisite serious amount of potential you'd expect of someone with a scholarship offer from a top 25 team. Neither started, however, and were not likely to see tons of playing time this year. On the plus side, this also does a bit to firm up Shula's disciplinary reputation without actually expelling a whole lot of value from the roster.

It also means that Keys and Simpson might have heard a lot about "backiotomies" recently.

God, if you're listening...HEEEEEYYYYAAAAALLLLP!!!

Bama fans--valid rumor, or just a cheap excuse to post the funniest two minutes in Half-Baked?