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Don't forget the sole feature of summer at TigerSmack: Miles Hat Mondays, where the intrepid boys from the bayou attempt to solve the urgent problem of what to put on Les Miles' head besides that goobery white pillbox of a hat.

You'll have to click over for the Benihana scenario (he looks strangely at home making teppanyaki) but we have to link this one today, since we did spend twelve whole dollars downloading metal this weekend on ITunes:

ps. The ITunes purchase list included, but was not limited to:

--"Run To The Hills," by Iron Maiden. As close to "Trogdor" as you'll get in a real song. Oddly catchy despite Bruce Dickinson's hysterical wailing upsetting the complete manliness of a song detailing both sides of the destruction of Native American life by American pioneers. From

The cover art for the single featured a Native American with an axe wrestling a devil in Hell.

Why bands don't use demons more in their cover art now befuddles us. Is this part of the liberal media's "War Against Hell"? Questioning minds want to know.

--"I'm the Man," Anthrax. The intro to this proto-rap-rock song uses the line from "Hava Nagila" and sampled Sam Kinison screams. If you don't want to download this song after hearing that, we can't help you.

--"Welcome to the Jungle," Guns 'n Roses. Because "You're gonna dieeeeeeeeeiiiyeaaaahhhh" still sounds like Axl means it.