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The case gets Joakim Noah ugly: not only was Fred Rouse allegedly in on the burglary of former teammate Lorenzo Booker, garnering a felony charge along the way, but Rouse allegedly decided to bring along accused rapist and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker A.J. Nicholson, too, earning him felony charges, as well. Lorenzo Booker reiterated his statement that a dedication to academics brought him to Florida State, and that he has no regrets.

The update which will appear in an hour will feature the following additional:

--Not only did Rouse and Nicholson steal the merchandise...they sexually assaulted it.

--With the help of Sebastian Janikowski and a thimbleful of GHB, of course.

--Curiously, the DVD players and PS3s in question have no memory of the incident.

--Tamarick Vanover offered to fence the goods.

--They hid the stolen items in the Doak Campbell endzone, knowing that offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden would never find them there.

The accuser, seen here with face blacked out to conceal her identity, had no comment.